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Coach/Clinician FAQ

How do I start a RSB program in my area?

A: Start by submitting a New Affiliate application found under the Become a Coach tab under Training Options. Once approved, then you will sign the RSB’s agreement form. Then the affiliate team will send you your invoice for training. Once payment is received, then we will send your online training information which will need to be completed before coming to training camp. You can go to any training camp you want.

How long does it take to have my New Affiliate application approved?

A: Up to a week but on average, it takes two business days to be approved.
(If an application is submitted over the weekend, the affiliate team will review it the following Monday.)

When can I start RSB classes after I complete training camp?

A: After completion of training camp, then you can start classes that next day.

What equipment is required to start a program?

A: There is no equipment required to start your program. We have a lot of new affiliates that start off with no equipment. If you do decide to buy equipment, after becoming an affiliate, you will receive a wholesale account with Century Martial Arts and Title Boxing where you can buy equipment.

What type of location can I have my RSB program in?

A: Any location. It is up to you! We have new affiliates in churches, gymnastics centers, PT clinics, martial arts gyms, YMCAs, and more. Our affiliate team recommends starting off in a small space then as you get more boxers then looking at bigger locations to help save on rent.

What if I want to be RSB head coach or coach but don’t have the correct certifications?

A: We recommend getting a NCCA personal training certification. A list of approved certifications/licenses is found on the Become a Coach tab under Training Options. We sadly won’t be able to approve your application (based on certifications) until you have completed the certification.

What if I want to become a RSB coach but I am not associated with a RSB gym?

A: You will need to go to our Find A Class page and find a gym near you. Please contact their head coach to see if they have availability to add an additional coach. If so, then please email to receive a Coach from Existing Affiliate Program application. If there is no RSB gym near you, please go to Become A Coach tab then Training Options. You will find New Program information there to start a RSB program in your area.

What if I want to become a coach, assistant coach, or volunteer at my local RSB gym?

A: We are so excited for you to get RSB certified! You will email and our Affiliate Specialist will email you the correct application that fits what you are looking for. It can take up to 72 hours to receive an application, but we appreciate your patience! If you email on the weekend, then you will receive an application no later than Tuesday at the end of the business day.

What if I am a Clinician but want to do RSB group classes and 1:1 with my patients?

A: You will fill out the New Affiliate application to become an affiliate. We have a ton of clinicians who take our head coach training who want to do group classes and 1:1 with their patients. If you decide to only do 1:1 with your patients, then the clinician application is the one you will fill out. That can be found under the Training Options tab under Become a Coach.

If I am filling out the Clinician application, then which training camp locations can I go to?

A: Clinician training camp only takes place in Indianapolis, IN at our Headquarters location. If you decide to do group classes and 1:1 then you will fill out the New Affiliate application. If you go that route, then you can attend any training camp location. Training camp locations can be found under the Become a Coach tab under Training Options.

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